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Need to Measure Wood properties of Standing Trees?

We have been developing and adapting technology to affordably quantify a variety of wood properties in standing trees using IML Power Drill and Near Infra Red technologies.  


Forest Quality's mission: to assist commercial forest growers to measure and improve wood quality affordably.

Commercial wood production requires growing the greatest volume of the most valuable wood for the lowest cost in the shortest time. Typically this is targeted on increasing volume. Increasingly the economic importance of key wood properties, such as density, stiffness, pulp yield and dry matter content is realised as in-field measurement becomes affordable.

We specialise in close-to-market  technology transfer for infield wood quality assessment with a focus on the following technologies 


Based in Franklin in southern Tasmania, Australia we work with commercial and research partners around the world to

  • provide expertise in a range of laboratory or field based wood property assessment technologies. 

  • advise on sampling programs in the planning phase and / or oversee their implementation.  

  • undertake field sampling and providing the analytical capability to deliver wood property assessments for a range of commercially valuable properties.

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