Future plans

A project proposal is currently being assessed by the FWPA that will allow the further development of eCambium into a web-based software application which will have a significantly simplified capacity to define site and weather inputs into the model.  Much of the setup processes should be fully automated with users within Australia being able to enter the latitude and longitude of the site(s) they which to model, and the necessary data collected automatically from publically available databases.

Model outputs can be visualised and model outpus download locally.  We expect this capability to be available by early 2020.  

The proposal is being supported by a broad spectrum of Australian softwood growers and processors including

  • HQP

  • HVP


  • HPP

  • OFO

  • AKD

  • GTFP

  • PFOlsen

  • Timberlands Pacific

  • Norske Skog