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Work on developing a process-based approach to modelling wood formation in the cambium began with experience with the TreeRing model developed by Hal Fritts and Alex Shashkin in the 1990's.  

eCambium, is a process-based hybrid model that endeavours to capture the basic biology of the whole-tree to define the inputs that control wood formation at a daily time-step.



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The current eCambium concept began with the PhD program undertaken by Dr David Drew in modelling cambial cell formation and differentiation in eucalypts


Between 2010 and 2016 Forest Quality in collaboration with Dave Drew (then CSIRO) undertook two consecutive FWPA-Industry funded projects to develop a radiata pine eCambium model and the validate and refine the model as part of a larger resource evaluation of the Murray Valley basin in SE Australia.

2010:2013: Predicting wood quality to improve sawlog value in radiata pine

2014:2016: Evaluating and modelling radiata pine wood quality in the Murray valley region

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