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IML Resi
Taking less than 20 secs per tree, the Resi ( generates a cross-section trace with a 0.1mm sampling interval of resistance (torque), effectively providing a radial profile analagous to wood density. Traces can be obtained from standing trees or logs, downloaded into the PD Tools Pro software via bluetooth connection and exported as a text file.

Our web-based processing platform allows the user to upload these files, determine whether they are full diameter or partial cross-section traces.  For full diameter traces the software extracts DBHOB, DBHUB, bark thickness and basic density.  These data can then be downloaded as a CSV file for subsequent analysis. Functionality to locate pith and cambial positions will be added soon. As such it is a work in progress, as we identify user needs for additional functionality.

The intention is to link this technology with an online eCambium platform, providing complimentary wood quality prediction and validation platforms.
To access Resi processing tools:
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