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Pulp Yield Assesment

Forest Quality offers a low cost measurement of Kraft pulp yield) at kappa 18) based on near infra-red spectra collected from woodmeal using a Bruker MPA FT-NIR.  A well tested calibration (Downes et al 2009, 2011) has been used in a wide range of applications including tree breeding, resource evaluation, and studies examining the effect site, age, fertiliser and spacing.


Near Infra Red (NIR) spectroscopy is widely used in agriculture and manufacturing. Application to KPY measurement  spans two decades of R&D, demonstrating its ability to provide precise measurements of KPY in samples as small as 1 gm. 


Numerous studies have shown NIR offers

  • Low cost measurement

  • Expanded application of traditional analyses

  • Efficient ranking of trees and sites

  • Precise KPY values that are highly heritable


Downes, G.M., Meder R. A., Bond H., Ebdon N., Hicks C. and Harwood C.E. (2011) Measurement of cellulose content, Kraft pulp yield and basic density in eucalypt woodmeal using multisite and multispecies near infra-red spectroscopic calibrations.  Southern Forests 73(3-4), 181-186

Downes G.M., Catela F. and Meder, R (2009) Developing and evaluating a multisite and multispecies NIR calibration for the prediction of Kraft pulp yield in eucalypts.  Southern Forests 71(2), 155-164

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